Just Another Day in Prague

Thursday morning. Woken up at 845 by the maids barging into my room through the kitchen door. Almost have a heart attack because one, the maids normally come when I am in class and two, they always come through the main door to mine and Stephanies room and then go through the kitchen to Carly and Elyssas room. Decide that I should just get up and get ready for class instead of sleeping for 15 more minutes. Look out the window and feel myself smile as I realize its going to be a gorgeous day in Prague.

Finish getting ready around 930. Grab my ipod and put on my Carlaya Daldwin mix. Head out the door and see Czechs sitting in the park by my dorm drinking beer and smoking. Somethings don’t even surprise me anymore. Keep walking  down the block to the metro. Realize wearing a dress was not a good idea (metro wind tunnels).  Get off the metro at Mustek and smell that Prague metro smell, a mix of sweet pastries and another smell that is uniquely Prague and I can’t describe. Walk down Jindrisska street, debate going to Rembrant Donut before class but decide to wait until break. Fumble in my bag for my id to get into the ECES building. Hear about everyone’s weekend travel plans. Start class. Talk about women in the Czech media. Talk about Bell Hooks reading. Group discussion. Listen to a presentation on human trafficking in the Czech Republic. Break. Escape to Paneria with Tom, Kacy, Bri, and Becca. Eat a bagel caprese and talk about Berlin. Go back to class. Watch a horrifying documentary about human trafficking. Walk to the metro with Bri. Talk about how scary the movie was.

Get back to my dorm. Make green chi tea (delicious). Skype with Hannah. Miss her. Miss Assumption. Decide I need to get out of my room.  Throw my journal and book in my bag and head to Gloria Jeans and the peacock park in Malastrana. Get a text from Becca saying they are eating in Old Town, going to the Bake Shop, and then Letna park. Change my plans. Get off the metro at Malastrana. Some lady hands me a rose and a bag of papers and rambles off a whole string of Czech words. I take the rose and bag and say děkuji. Keep the rose, throw out the bag. Get an iced coffee at Gloria Jeans (only let myself miss Boston Donuts for a moment). Watch a couple take wedding pictures with the cherry blossoms. Walk across the bridge to Old Town. Met up with Sara, Sarah, and Becca. Get cookies at the bake shop. Head to Letna Park.

Fall in love with Prague all over again as soon as I step into the park. Throw our stuff down with Tom and Alex and go see the Metronome. Felt like I was standing on top of the world. Gazed out over all of Prague and felt indescribably happy. Took jumping pictures. Made wishes on dandelions. Laughed. Laid in the sun. Sat on a swing with Sara. Laughed at Becca and Alex. Laughed some more. Wrote in my journal. Took the tram home. Loved the warm weather.

Still to come tonight…Blind Eye Bar? Radost?

Picnic in Letna Park tomorrow.

Holding tight to these last few days.



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