My Heart is Full

You know those moments that come along once in awhile where your heart feels so full that it might burst? When you feel so content and happy that you can’t help but smile all the time. I’ve been having those moments a lot lately. Becca wrote about this in her blog last week, the feeling of absolute wholeness and I couldn’t put it any better that she did. Before I left, if anyone so much as said the word Prague to me I could be reduced to a teary mess (sorry Car). Now, whenever anyone of us starts talking about how soon we are leaving Prague and each other, some one always winds up crying. What a bittersweet next 11 days I have here. (Charles Bridge just as the rain is clearing to the right. Thank Jenny for the picture!)

So much has happened since I last wrote. I don’t even know how I can possibly get everything in one blog entry. Highlights include Jake, Walt, and Kate performing at the  Red Room. Almost all of AIFS came to watch them and we took over the tiny bar. I am so lucky that everyone in my program is so nice and they are all just such good people. I wish I had the time to get to know them all better but it was fun to hang outwith everyone even the people that I don’t know very well. The next night we had the AIFS goodbye party at this tiny Czech restaurant. Almost my entire program crammed into one room and we drank beer and ate Czech food and hung out with the AIFS staff. Again I was reminded how lucky that I came on this program and got to meet all these amazing people that I now have in my life.

This past weekend I went to Berlin to celebrate Becca’s 21st birthday. Becca is probably one of my absolute favorite people ever. She is so sweet and caring and her laugh is so contagious. Becca shares my love of all things sweet, especially any kind of sour gummies. She also shares my love of hand-bands and her collection revivals mine! Becca is one of those people who you know will do anything for their friends and I am so lucky to know her.

Early Friday morning (530 am),  Jenny, Sarah, Alex, Walt, Kacy, and I sent out for the Prague train station. (Becca, Sara, and Lisa (alex and becca’s friend from home) had left the day before). Alex and Jenny enjoyed a morning pivo on the way to the train. I could not bring myself to drink beer at 530 am no matter how hard Alex tried to convince me that in a few short weeks it would no longer be socially acceptable to drink beer at 530 am on the metro. The train ride to Berlin took about 5 hours and the countryside was absolutely beautiful. We got there around 1130ish and found our hostel pretty quickly despite getting a little lost. (Walt does not know which way south is). We all knew Berlin was a big city but I had no idea how huge it really was. The transportation system runs 24/7. Unfortunately the S stop right by our hostel was under-construction and we couldn’t use it the rest of the week. Lots of walking and figuring out the bus and U systems!

Berlin is an amazing city. There is so  much history and so much to see. We barely even grazed the surface in the 2 days we spent there. We went on a walking tour on Saturday and got to see most of the major parts.  Whats left of the Berlin Wall was really interesting to see. We went to see a Squat which is an abandoned building that people just take over and turn into their art studios. So cool. We also went to the Ritter Sport chocolate store. I was in heaven! There is so much culture and its just such a diverse city. I am so glad that I went and that I went with the 8 other people that I did. We have all reached a point in our friendship where we are completely comfortable with each other and can say anything. Sometimes things that shouldn’t be said but its all just so fun. Its so great to have found friends like that here.

The weather in Prague is less than desirable for my last few days. Its rainy and gross outside. Where did that spring weather go?? I want to go back to Letna park and spend all my time outside but unfortunately the weather along with the massive amounts of work that I have do aren’t really letting me do that. Also, British Airways decided to go on strike on the day that I am supposed to be flying home, so me getting home on time is looking a little doubtful. I can’t decide if this is a good or a bad thing. I love Prague and everything that it has given me, but truthfully my heart is ready to back where I belong. Arlington and Worcester. So keep your fingers crossed that the weather in Prague improves, that I actually finish all my finals, and that I make it home on May 22nd.



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One Response to My Heart is Full

  1. Mum says:

    Wow. I watched Walt’s video of Wagon Wheel – they are great! I saw Old Crow Medicine Show sing this at Wolf Trap a few years ago – I think while you were working the concession stand!! I have always loved the song ever since! What a great night. Enjoy your last days in Prague with all these great friends. We are hoping you get home on time too, and I know the sun will come out and you will get through all your work. Love you, Mum

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