Dresden&Some Lists

Days Spent Abroad: 116
Hours Spent on Planes: 30
Hours Spent on Trains: 10
Hours Spent on Buses: 63
Countries Visited:8
Cities Visited: 11

Things I will Miss: taking public transportation/walking everywhere, the cobble stones, malastrana, walking around old town square, cafes, not understanding what people are saying, czech food, having alone time, not having real work, having time to journal, seeing dogs on the metro, having the ads on the side of my facebook in czech, going somewhere new almost every weekend, letting myself be happy and content, letna park,  monday night family dinners, thursday nights at radost, friday  nights at luncerna.

People I will Miss: All of AIFS Prague. Even Z, Jana, Jana, Barbora, and Marketa. Most especially, Jenny, Becca, Alex, Sarah, Sara, Kacy, and Walt

Things I will Not Miss: my shower (especially the curtain), my kitchen, my couch cushion bed, the language barrier, globalization class, being cold all the time, weird food, constantly smelling like cigarette smoke, taking the night tram home (especially when it kicks you off at 330am in the middle on nowhere)

Things I am Looking Forward to: my own room&bed, a turkey club sandwich and chocolate chip milkshake from lost dog on the way home from the airport, seeing my family especially moey, going to the beach, going to the mall (forever 21!!), moving back to worcester, seeing hannah, carleigh, leanna, laura, allie, and ali, orientation 2010, living on campus all summer, working for the reach out center/getting to spend time with carleen, going to bodos with steph, going to scituate, going to the cape, student leader training, south 301 and senior year.

Things I am Not Looking Forward to: the 9 hour flight home, jet-lag, reverse culture shock (apparently its worse than culture shock, WOOF), leaving my friends here

Here I am. Sunday night of my last week in Prauge. Currently sprawled out in the study room with Jenny, Becca, and Sarah attempting to finish my art history paper and study for Globalization (the paper is done, the studying is not).  It does not even feel real to me. The past few mornings I have woken up ready to seize the day and get all kinds of last things done, but the weather is awful and my work won’t do itself no matter how much I want it to.  Each morning the pit in my stomach gets bigger as I realize how few days I have left. I can’t even wrap my mind around that fact that in a week from now I will already have made it home and be in Rehoboth Beach with my family.  Waking up in my own pale green room instead of this ugly red room that has become mine over the past four months.  I wonder, will I ever come back to Prague? Bittersweet indeed.

On Saturday I spent the day in Dresden Germany with AIFS. Last trip with Jana and Z. I know I have raved about AIFS and how much I love my program this whole blog, but Z and Jana are the absolute best Czech people that I have met. I can’t believe that my last trip with them is over. We left for Dresden around 9 and got there at 1130ish. Shortest bus ride that we have taken this whole semester. Dresden is really cool city. It had to be totally rebuilt because it was bombed so much during WWII. The architecture still looks really old though and it reminded me a lot of Berlin. After Z showed us around the city center, he let us go off on our own for the rest of the day. The Sara(h)s had already been to Dresden before so they knew all the best stops. We went to eat at the best doner place is all of Dresden. So good. Then we went to this really funky area where there are these apartments that are decorated in bright colors, giraffes, really interesting drain spouts, and other animals. There were all kinds of cute stores right around them too. After that we walked around, did some more exploring and hung out in a cafe for a little while because it was so cold out. (I can’t believe I am still wearing a coat, scarf, and uggs in May!) Before I knew it we were back on the bus to Prague and everyone promptly fell asleep.  Great day.

In 6 days I am coming home. A different girl than the one who did not want to come to Prague. The one who was too scared to try something new, to afraid to step out of her comfort zone and leap into the unknown. Fearful of old demons returning and ruining her time abroad. Too shy to really put herself out there and let others know how she really felt. The one who did not fully understand what it meant to be happy, strong, and confident. Worried about losing friends and being forgotten.  The one who almost did not get on the plane. Longing to just stay in the familiar home she had made in Worcester. The one who did not know how to stand up for herself. 4 months ago, I hated the word Prague and had no idea how I would ever make it four months in a country as different as this one.That girl is gone. Lost somewhere in the Czech Republic, hopefully never to be seen again.In 6 days I am coming home, changed only for the better. Ready to embrace the friends I left.



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One Response to Dresden&Some Lists

  1. Mum says:

    Love you. So proud of you. Can’t wait to see you. xoxoxo

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