Was it just 3 days ago that I was still living in Prague? Did these last four months really happen or were they just a dream? Did I really do all that?  I can hardly believe I am home. Not in Prague anymore. I would give anything to be walking out of the kolej on my way to the metro. To feel the cobblestones beneath my feet, to hear the trams rushing past. To not understand the conversations around me. To be with my friends again. I did not know it was possible to miss a place and people this much. I did not know it was possible to fall in love with a city that at first seems so cold, unfriendly, and different.

Looking back on these past four months…London, Munich, Brno, Amsterdam, Budapest, Vienna, Krakow, Nice, Berlin, Dresden and my favorite place of all, Prague.

“Prague never lets you go…this dear little mother has sharp claws” Franz Kafka

After this post I am going to write one more. Before I left, I wrote a letter to Prague, different then the one that I posted on this blog. I sealed it and stuck it in the back of my journal. I haven’t read it yet. When I do, I will write my final blog. Truthfully, it doesn’t matter much what is in that letter.I know everything that I hoped to get from studying abroad I got and more. The only that matters is that I went and I will remember this experience for the rest of my life.



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4 Responses to Remembering

  1. Jenny says:

    Love it! Miss Prague and you sooo much! ❤

  2. Emily Jane says:

    Oh wow, thank you for sharing these photos. I would LOVE to visit Prague – we’re heading over to the UK in August and we really wanted to catch a flight there, but for some reason all the low-cost airlines are super expensive this year! Although maybe I am just used to going in non-peak times 😦 It’s the place I most want to visit in the whole world.

    • thanks emily! ah i know, every time i traveled anywhere from prague by plane, even on the low-cost airlines it ended up being way more expensive then i thought! i hope you have tons of fun on the rest of your trip and if you do make it to prague one day you have to let me know! i’ve only been home a week and i am dying to go back. its my favorite city in the whole world.

  3. Becca says:

    where is the letter?!!?

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