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The Real ‘Dear Prague’

All it takes is the tiniest reminder and my head and heart rush back to Prague. The cultural differences that I still pick up on. The pictures on my wall. The crowns that I am still finding everywhere.The sound of … Continue reading

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Was it just 3 days ago that I was still living in Prague? Did these last four months really happen or were they just a dream? Did I really do all that?  I can hardly believe I am home. Not … Continue reading

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Dresden&Some Lists

Days Spent Abroad: 116 Hours Spent on Planes: 30 Hours Spent on Trains: 10 Hours Spent on Buses: 63 Countries Visited:8 Cities Visited: 11 Things I will Miss: taking public transportation/walking everywhere, the cobble stones, malastrana, walking around old town … Continue reading

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Just Another Day in Prague

Thursday morning. Woken up at 845 by the maids barging into my room through the kitchen door. Almost have a heart attack because one, the maids normally come when I am in class and two, they always come through the … Continue reading

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Krakow, Alex’s 21st, and Nice

I have been avoiding updating this blog because I didn’t even know how I could possibly describe my weekend in Krakow. I’ve decided to do a short version because over all it was a very depressing and somber weekend. 8am … Continue reading

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Little Moments

Life in Prague has been going along as usual.  I know I’ve gotten behind on my blog, but I am trying so hard to hold on to the short time that I have left here. I don’t want to spend … Continue reading

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21 in Prague

First I have to share my friend Sara’s blog link to her entry today: Just a glimpse into what good friends I have here : ) So lucky. Second, I have to admit I wasn’t sure how I was … Continue reading

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