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The Real ‘Dear Prague’

All it takes is the tiniest reminder and my head and heart rush back to Prague. The cultural differences that I still pick up on. The pictures on my wall. The crowns that I am still finding everywhere.The sound of … Continue reading

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Was it just 3 days ago that I was still living in Prague? Did these last four months really happen or were they just a dream? Did I really do all that?  I can hardly believe I am home. Not … Continue reading

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My Heart is Full

You know those moments that come along once in awhile where your heart feels so full that it might burst? When you feel so content and happy that you can’t help but smile all the time. I’ve been having those … Continue reading

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It’s not Budapest, it’s Budapesht!

Hi from Cafe Ebel! I am sitting in the big Cafe Ebel (opposed to my favorite little Cafe Ebel right by school) with Jenny and Alex. Jenny and I are supposed to be working on our presentation about Human Rights … Continue reading

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Lasts & Goodbyes

Tonight while I was driving to babysit, I slipped one of my sisters many mix CDs in the CD player, not really knowing what to expect.  After driving for a few minutes an Italian opera song came on. The music … Continue reading

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