The Real ‘Dear Prague’

All it takes is the tiniest reminder and my head and heart rush back to Prague. The cultural differences that I still pick up on. The pictures on my wall. The crowns that I am still finding everywhere.The sound of my sneakers pounding on the pavement on my runs around campus. The familiar lyrics of Wagon Wheel or My Baby Blue. And the memories that are constantly replaying in my head.

I long to be in Prague for just one more day. Feeling the way I did when I was there. Like a puzzle piece that had finally found somewhere to fit perfectly. Spending an afternoon in Choco Cafe with no real responsibilities. Running around Malastranna and visiting the peacocks in the park. Climbing to the top of Petrin Hill and gazing out over the beautiful city. Or standing at the edge of Letna Park feeling like the whole world is at my feet. Riding the metro everywhere. Hearing Czech all around me. Cramming into the Sara(h)s room for Monday night dinners.

Before I left, I wrote a letter to Prague, pouring my heart out. All my doubts about going, everything I was scared of and worried about along with everything I hoped to gain from the experience. I sealed the letter, wrote do not open until May 22nd, 2010 across the back and stuck it in the back of my journal. That letter traveled all over Europe with me, still sealed. I only just opened it now. I haven’t been able to open it because that meant that Prague was really over. And as much as I hate to admit it, it is over. I will never go back to Prague with all the same people under the same circumstances. I am so blessed that I did get experience something as unique as studying abroad in Prague. Everything I wanted, I got and more. Every fear I expressed in January, I overcame.

The part of the letter that struck me most was the ending sentence, “Prague, you are where I am supposed to be.” Its hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that I was absolutely dreading going. I remember telling myself over and over again that I was supposed to be going, there was a reason I had gone through the whole application process and gotten all ready to go. Despite constantly saying that to myself, I almost convinced myself that I was not supposed to be in Prague. I am just now realizing, I was always meant to go to Prague.

Transitioning to life back at back in America has been far from easy. The first few days, I was shocked to hear English. Going into a grocery store for the first time was almost as overwhelming as my first time in a Czech grocery store. Eating in restaurants is so different. Reverse culture shock is worse that culture shock. Coming back to Assumption hasn’t been as easy as I thought it would be. People say things don’t change when you go abroad, but they forget to mention that YOU change. I am struggling to figure out how to fit back here. Getting thrown back into the most intense forms of student leadership not even 2 weeks after I got back was one of the hardest parts of readjusting. Walking around campus still feels strange. Like I never left, but also like I’ve been gone forever.  I sometimes forget I missed a whole semester here and I expect things to be just like they were when I left last fall. People who I find memories of around every corner, aren’t here anymore. Things have changed.

The other day, I sat in the middle of the back seat of a red Volvo surrounded by my best friends and for just a second my mind wandered back to Prague. For one second I allowed myself to wish I was there. But it suddenly hit me, without the people surrounding me now, I would not have made it in Prague. The constant emails, the letters, the packages, the skype calls got me through those 4 months and it was only with their support that I made it. They are the reason I was strong enough to go to Prague in the first place and without their constant encouragement, I would not have had the chance to grow and change like I did. I would not have fallen in love with the most beautiful city in the world. I realized that as much as I long to be in Prague, the second I left Worcester again my heart would be aching to be back. There’s no winning. That chapter of my life is behind me and it is time to move forward to the next chapter.



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Was it just 3 days ago that I was still living in Prague? Did these last four months really happen or were they just a dream? Did I really do all that?  I can hardly believe I am home. Not in Prague anymore. I would give anything to be walking out of the kolej on my way to the metro. To feel the cobblestones beneath my feet, to hear the trams rushing past. To not understand the conversations around me. To be with my friends again. I did not know it was possible to miss a place and people this much. I did not know it was possible to fall in love with a city that at first seems so cold, unfriendly, and different.

Looking back on these past four months…London, Munich, Brno, Amsterdam, Budapest, Vienna, Krakow, Nice, Berlin, Dresden and my favorite place of all, Prague.

“Prague never lets you go…this dear little mother has sharp claws” Franz Kafka

After this post I am going to write one more. Before I left, I wrote a letter to Prague, different then the one that I posted on this blog. I sealed it and stuck it in the back of my journal. I haven’t read it yet. When I do, I will write my final blog. Truthfully, it doesn’t matter much what is in that letter.I know everything that I hoped to get from studying abroad I got and more. The only that matters is that I went and I will remember this experience for the rest of my life.



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Dresden&Some Lists

Days Spent Abroad: 116
Hours Spent on Planes: 30
Hours Spent on Trains: 10
Hours Spent on Buses: 63
Countries Visited:8
Cities Visited: 11

Things I will Miss: taking public transportation/walking everywhere, the cobble stones, malastrana, walking around old town square, cafes, not understanding what people are saying, czech food, having alone time, not having real work, having time to journal, seeing dogs on the metro, having the ads on the side of my facebook in czech, going somewhere new almost every weekend, letting myself be happy and content, letna park,  monday night family dinners, thursday nights at radost, friday  nights at luncerna.

People I will Miss: All of AIFS Prague. Even Z, Jana, Jana, Barbora, and Marketa. Most especially, Jenny, Becca, Alex, Sarah, Sara, Kacy, and Walt

Things I will Not Miss: my shower (especially the curtain), my kitchen, my couch cushion bed, the language barrier, globalization class, being cold all the time, weird food, constantly smelling like cigarette smoke, taking the night tram home (especially when it kicks you off at 330am in the middle on nowhere)

Things I am Looking Forward to: my own room&bed, a turkey club sandwich and chocolate chip milkshake from lost dog on the way home from the airport, seeing my family especially moey, going to the beach, going to the mall (forever 21!!), moving back to worcester, seeing hannah, carleigh, leanna, laura, allie, and ali, orientation 2010, living on campus all summer, working for the reach out center/getting to spend time with carleen, going to bodos with steph, going to scituate, going to the cape, student leader training, south 301 and senior year.

Things I am Not Looking Forward to: the 9 hour flight home, jet-lag, reverse culture shock (apparently its worse than culture shock, WOOF), leaving my friends here

Here I am. Sunday night of my last week in Prauge. Currently sprawled out in the study room with Jenny, Becca, and Sarah attempting to finish my art history paper and study for Globalization (the paper is done, the studying is not).  It does not even feel real to me. The past few mornings I have woken up ready to seize the day and get all kinds of last things done, but the weather is awful and my work won’t do itself no matter how much I want it to.  Each morning the pit in my stomach gets bigger as I realize how few days I have left. I can’t even wrap my mind around that fact that in a week from now I will already have made it home and be in Rehoboth Beach with my family.  Waking up in my own pale green room instead of this ugly red room that has become mine over the past four months.  I wonder, will I ever come back to Prague? Bittersweet indeed.

On Saturday I spent the day in Dresden Germany with AIFS. Last trip with Jana and Z. I know I have raved about AIFS and how much I love my program this whole blog, but Z and Jana are the absolute best Czech people that I have met. I can’t believe that my last trip with them is over. We left for Dresden around 9 and got there at 1130ish. Shortest bus ride that we have taken this whole semester. Dresden is really cool city. It had to be totally rebuilt because it was bombed so much during WWII. The architecture still looks really old though and it reminded me a lot of Berlin. After Z showed us around the city center, he let us go off on our own for the rest of the day. The Sara(h)s had already been to Dresden before so they knew all the best stops. We went to eat at the best doner place is all of Dresden. So good. Then we went to this really funky area where there are these apartments that are decorated in bright colors, giraffes, really interesting drain spouts, and other animals. There were all kinds of cute stores right around them too. After that we walked around, did some more exploring and hung out in a cafe for a little while because it was so cold out. (I can’t believe I am still wearing a coat, scarf, and uggs in May!) Before I knew it we were back on the bus to Prague and everyone promptly fell asleep.  Great day.

In 6 days I am coming home. A different girl than the one who did not want to come to Prague. The one who was too scared to try something new, to afraid to step out of her comfort zone and leap into the unknown. Fearful of old demons returning and ruining her time abroad. Too shy to really put herself out there and let others know how she really felt. The one who did not fully understand what it meant to be happy, strong, and confident. Worried about losing friends and being forgotten.  The one who almost did not get on the plane. Longing to just stay in the familiar home she had made in Worcester. The one who did not know how to stand up for herself. 4 months ago, I hated the word Prague and had no idea how I would ever make it four months in a country as different as this one.That girl is gone. Lost somewhere in the Czech Republic, hopefully never to be seen again.In 6 days I am coming home, changed only for the better. Ready to embrace the friends I left.



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My Heart is Full

You know those moments that come along once in awhile where your heart feels so full that it might burst? When you feel so content and happy that you can’t help but smile all the time. I’ve been having those moments a lot lately. Becca wrote about this in her blog last week, the feeling of absolute wholeness and I couldn’t put it any better that she did. Before I left, if anyone so much as said the word Prague to me I could be reduced to a teary mess (sorry Car). Now, whenever anyone of us starts talking about how soon we are leaving Prague and each other, some one always winds up crying. What a bittersweet next 11 days I have here. (Charles Bridge just as the rain is clearing to the right. Thank Jenny for the picture!)

So much has happened since I last wrote. I don’t even know how I can possibly get everything in one blog entry. Highlights include Jake, Walt, and Kate performing at the  Red Room. Almost all of AIFS came to watch them and we took over the tiny bar. I am so lucky that everyone in my program is so nice and they are all just such good people. I wish I had the time to get to know them all better but it was fun to hang outwith everyone even the people that I don’t know very well. The next night we had the AIFS goodbye party at this tiny Czech restaurant. Almost my entire program crammed into one room and we drank beer and ate Czech food and hung out with the AIFS staff. Again I was reminded how lucky that I came on this program and got to meet all these amazing people that I now have in my life.

This past weekend I went to Berlin to celebrate Becca’s 21st birthday. Becca is probably one of my absolute favorite people ever. She is so sweet and caring and her laugh is so contagious. Becca shares my love of all things sweet, especially any kind of sour gummies. She also shares my love of hand-bands and her collection revivals mine! Becca is one of those people who you know will do anything for their friends and I am so lucky to know her.

Early Friday morning (530 am),  Jenny, Sarah, Alex, Walt, Kacy, and I sent out for the Prague train station. (Becca, Sara, and Lisa (alex and becca’s friend from home) had left the day before). Alex and Jenny enjoyed a morning pivo on the way to the train. I could not bring myself to drink beer at 530 am no matter how hard Alex tried to convince me that in a few short weeks it would no longer be socially acceptable to drink beer at 530 am on the metro. The train ride to Berlin took about 5 hours and the countryside was absolutely beautiful. We got there around 1130ish and found our hostel pretty quickly despite getting a little lost. (Walt does not know which way south is). We all knew Berlin was a big city but I had no idea how huge it really was. The transportation system runs 24/7. Unfortunately the S stop right by our hostel was under-construction and we couldn’t use it the rest of the week. Lots of walking and figuring out the bus and U systems!

Berlin is an amazing city. There is so  much history and so much to see. We barely even grazed the surface in the 2 days we spent there. We went on a walking tour on Saturday and got to see most of the major parts.  Whats left of the Berlin Wall was really interesting to see. We went to see a Squat which is an abandoned building that people just take over and turn into their art studios. So cool. We also went to the Ritter Sport chocolate store. I was in heaven! There is so much culture and its just such a diverse city. I am so glad that I went and that I went with the 8 other people that I did. We have all reached a point in our friendship where we are completely comfortable with each other and can say anything. Sometimes things that shouldn’t be said but its all just so fun. Its so great to have found friends like that here.

The weather in Prague is less than desirable for my last few days. Its rainy and gross outside. Where did that spring weather go?? I want to go back to Letna park and spend all my time outside but unfortunately the weather along with the massive amounts of work that I have do aren’t really letting me do that. Also, British Airways decided to go on strike on the day that I am supposed to be flying home, so me getting home on time is looking a little doubtful. I can’t decide if this is a good or a bad thing. I love Prague and everything that it has given me, but truthfully my heart is ready to back where I belong. Arlington and Worcester. So keep your fingers crossed that the weather in Prague improves, that I actually finish all my finals, and that I make it home on May 22nd.



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Pálení čarodějnic!

I have been frequenting Gloria Jeans (a little coffee shop that is very similar to Starbucks) this weekend. Attempting to get a start on my final papers so that I can enjoy my weekend in Berlin and have time to spend with Annie when she gets here. I am almost done my Globalization paper but have not even touched my psychology paper or art history paper. I have to admit a good chunk of my time here yesterday was spent laughing with Sara and starting out the window at the beautiful spring weather and at the trams as they pass by. If you ask me that is a way better use of my time then writing about the negative effect that globalization has had on the environment and teaching myself how to write footnotes. But I am happy to report that I only need 5 more coffees until I get a free one. (Thats the park right outside Gloria Jeans)

On Friday night it was pálení čarodějnic or witch burning night. This happens every April 30th in Prague and here is the explaniation from the ECES website :

Witch Burning Night” has two possible origins. The first, Beltane, is a Celtic summer festival dating back from when Celtic tribes inhabited this area. Alternatively, it stems from either a Scandinavian or German summer rite, which later became the night of St Walpurga. This explains the event’s other name in English: Walpurgis Night. In Czech the night is also known as Filipojakubská noc (Philip and James Night), which you may find on some promotional material for the evening.

As Christianity spread, what had once been a pagan festival became more a tradition to keep all that was pagan at bay. The fires were lit to ward off witches and part of this process included burning old broom sticks. Today, the night is more an opportunity to get together with friends to build a fire and enjoy the outdoors, which hopefully are by now warmer and with all the vestiges of winter gone. The origins of the day will give you something to talk about while enjoying a beer and roasting buřty (fat Czech sausages) over an open fire.

So on Friday night I headed out with a whole group of people from my program to Kampa park in Malastrana. We spent the evening watching fire dancers, a hilarious pirate/solider skit that was in Czech so I have no idea what was going on but might have been the funniest thing I have ever seen, drinking wine, and roasting marshmallows (thanks to Kacy’s mom!). We definitely got some weird looks from the Czechs who were standing there with their sausages!  One lady asked us what they were. We tried to explain the concept of going camping and roasting marshmallows over a campfire but she just started at us blankly. We convinced her to try one and she hesitantly pulled it off the stick. The look on her face when she bit into was probably one of the funniest thing that I have ever seen. I don’t think she really liked it but she thanked us for letting her try it. The warm weather felt great and it was so fun to just sit outside with everyone. I really felt like I was doing something “Czech” despite the fact that we roasted marshmallows instead of sausages! The night ended in a sleep over in the Sara(h)s room. One of the best nights I’ve had in Prague.

I can hardly believe that it is May. I read over this blog the other day as well as my own journal and its so strange to see how quickly Prague became my home and how it changed me more than I can properly explain. I don’t like thinking about how soon it will become a memory for me and not a part of my daily life. My friends will return to their homes in Maryland, Texas, California, Utah, and Arizona and I will go back to Virginia. I know we will see each other again but I am not sure if I will ever see Prague again. Will I ever run around these cobblestone streets, go out for a night of dancing, hear trams rumbling by at all hours of the day, sit in Cafe Ebel and write for hours, step out of class and see the castle looming in front of me, listen to people speaking Czech, or walk across the Charles Bridge? Not knowing if I will ever be back makes it hard to leave. And I know if I do come back, it will not be the same because I will not be back with the people who made Prague feel like home.

I have to admit that I have been hit with an overwhelming desire to be at Assumption for all the traditional end of the year events. Pup Cup, leadership banquets, the beautiful spring weather.  And graduation. I can’t believe I am missing my best friends graduation. I had almost gotten use to missing things but I am having a particularly hard time with missing this one event. I have never wanted to be in 2 places as badly as I do right now. I never thought I would have a hard time leaving Prague. Leaving Assumption to come here was almost impossible and I honestly though by the time May rolled around I would be dying to get home. And while part of me is, I never thought I would find a place besides Assumption where I fit perfectly. Now that I have, I am so torn between wanting to be home but wanting to stay.  Things at Assumption will be different when I get back, but I know my senior year has great things waiting for me. And I can’t wait to right back into the swing of things with Orientation and working for the Reach Out Center all summer. But for now, I will be spending my last weeks in Prague discovering new things, enjoying my friends, returning to favorite old spots, avoiding writing my papers, and appreciating everything that this city has taught me.

But don’t worry Assumption, I will be back soon. I couldn’t stay away too long.



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Just Another Day in Prague

Thursday morning. Woken up at 845 by the maids barging into my room through the kitchen door. Almost have a heart attack because one, the maids normally come when I am in class and two, they always come through the main door to mine and Stephanies room and then go through the kitchen to Carly and Elyssas room. Decide that I should just get up and get ready for class instead of sleeping for 15 more minutes. Look out the window and feel myself smile as I realize its going to be a gorgeous day in Prague.

Finish getting ready around 930. Grab my ipod and put on my Carlaya Daldwin mix. Head out the door and see Czechs sitting in the park by my dorm drinking beer and smoking. Somethings don’t even surprise me anymore. Keep walking  down the block to the metro. Realize wearing a dress was not a good idea (metro wind tunnels).  Get off the metro at Mustek and smell that Prague metro smell, a mix of sweet pastries and another smell that is uniquely Prague and I can’t describe. Walk down Jindrisska street, debate going to Rembrant Donut before class but decide to wait until break. Fumble in my bag for my id to get into the ECES building. Hear about everyone’s weekend travel plans. Start class. Talk about women in the Czech media. Talk about Bell Hooks reading. Group discussion. Listen to a presentation on human trafficking in the Czech Republic. Break. Escape to Paneria with Tom, Kacy, Bri, and Becca. Eat a bagel caprese and talk about Berlin. Go back to class. Watch a horrifying documentary about human trafficking. Walk to the metro with Bri. Talk about how scary the movie was.

Get back to my dorm. Make green chi tea (delicious). Skype with Hannah. Miss her. Miss Assumption. Decide I need to get out of my room.  Throw my journal and book in my bag and head to Gloria Jeans and the peacock park in Malastrana. Get a text from Becca saying they are eating in Old Town, going to the Bake Shop, and then Letna park. Change my plans. Get off the metro at Malastrana. Some lady hands me a rose and a bag of papers and rambles off a whole string of Czech words. I take the rose and bag and say děkuji. Keep the rose, throw out the bag. Get an iced coffee at Gloria Jeans (only let myself miss Boston Donuts for a moment). Watch a couple take wedding pictures with the cherry blossoms. Walk across the bridge to Old Town. Met up with Sara, Sarah, and Becca. Get cookies at the bake shop. Head to Letna Park.

Fall in love with Prague all over again as soon as I step into the park. Throw our stuff down with Tom and Alex and go see the Metronome. Felt like I was standing on top of the world. Gazed out over all of Prague and felt indescribably happy. Took jumping pictures. Made wishes on dandelions. Laughed. Laid in the sun. Sat on a swing with Sara. Laughed at Becca and Alex. Laughed some more. Wrote in my journal. Took the tram home. Loved the warm weather.

Still to come tonight…Blind Eye Bar? Radost?

Picnic in Letna Park tomorrow.

Holding tight to these last few days.



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Krakow, Alex’s 21st, and Nice

I have been avoiding updating this blog because I didn’t even know how I could possibly describe my weekend in Krakow. I’ve decided to do a short version because over all it was a very depressing and somber weekend.

8am Friday. Leave the kojel for a 10 hour bus ride to Krakow with half my program plus Z, Jana, and Barbora. We were reminded numerous times to make sure we had our passports—the presidents funeral was going to be taking place in Krakow that Sunday and no one really knew how much security there was going to be at Czech Republic and Poland boarder. An hour into the trip one of the guys in my program fainted on the bus. Right next to where Jenny and I were sitting. I thought Jana was going to have a heart attack. So not even an hour outside of Prague we had to make our first stop. Needless to say it was a very long 10 hours to Krakow.

When we got there Z took us all on a walking tour to the center of town. Krakow is very similar to Prague. The alleys leading to Old Town Square in Krakow look almost the same as the ones in Prague. That night for dinner Jenny, Sarah, Sara, Alex and I went to try Ukraine pierogies. Delicious. After dinner we had some of the best gelato ever and headed back to the hotel. Because Poland was in mourning we were told that it would be very  even more disrespectful than usual  to go out and be loud Americans. The whole mood of the city seemed very somber and most places were closed. There were memorials for the president every where. It was beautiful despite being very sad. (To the right, thats the castle where the President was buried)

The next day we had 2 more walking tours with Z, saw a moment of silence take place (everyone literally stopped and stood silently for a minute in the streets of Karkow at noon), Alex took a picture with the Krakow Subway dragon, we ate more gelato, went to a crazy water park, and ate Georgian food (I liked the pierogies better, but it was still good).

Sunday morning we were up bright and early for our trip to Auschwitz I and II and back to Prague.  It was a beautiful sunny and warm day but as soon as I walked into Auschwitz I had chills. Z was supposed to give us our tour but due to some confusion they forced us to hire a guide. No one was very happy and that poor tour guide got a lot of glares. We wanted Z. My whole program was silent from the moment the tour started until we were all back on the bus; that never happens… we are a loud bunch. Just shows how awful Auschwitz really is. The tour guide took us around and told us all about the horrifying things that went on in Auschwitz. Awful, I can’t even describe it. Seeing the rooms full of people’s suitcases with their names on them, the hallways of pictures, the rooms full of eye glasses, children’s shoes, and human hair was one of the worst things that I have ever seen.  The wall were people were shot is still there. So are the gas chambers. Standing inside the gas chamber was terrible. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Auschwitz II was not much better. There are less buildings and things left behind there because the Nazis tried to destroy the evidence of what they did. More people were killed at II then I. As we were walking down the same path that prisoners would walk to the gas chambers, Z told us, “You are lucky, you get to walk back.”  I haven’t been able to get that out of my head. I am so lucky.

Fast forward to Wednesday night. Alex Horn’s 21st birthday. Let me tell you a little bit about Alex. He and I struggled through Czech class together at the beginning of the program. He is probably the only one worse at Czech then I am. During class he would sitting there drinking his pivo and playing tetris on his vodaphone. And our professor loved him despite the fact she told him it was a good idea that he did not continue with Czech for the whole semester. He always keeps me laughing, whether it is making fun of my green hair or getting pooped on by a bird on the way back from the Globe or cracking open a pivo at 730 am before the 10 hour bus ride to Krakow. He is constantly saving me from all the creepers in Prague that seem to follow me wherever I go. Alex is a great guy and despite recent events that have cause Team Alex vs.Team Celia to be formed, he is still one of my best friends and I am lucky to know him.

Unfortunately due to the Iceland volcano, Kacy and Walt were stuck in Istanbul, and the Toms were all stuck in Barcelona.  But the rest of AIFS went out in full force to celebrate Alex. After cramming about 25 people into Alex’s room to pregame we all set off for the metro. AIFS take over. We literally had an entire metro car to ourselves, minus 3 Czech people who Alex went to make friends with and one of them stole his beer.  We got to the 5 story club and took over the basement. Typical AIFS night out. We got home at around 430 and I managed to wake up for my presentation at 10 am the next morning.

Friday morning Jenny and I left for Nice, France. I woke up at 430 am, ironically the time I had gone to bed on Thursday morning, to get to the airport for our 8 am flight. We thought the airports were going to be crazy because of all the stranded people from the volcano, but they were dead. We flew to Brussels, switched planes, and made in to Nice around 130.  It was rainy but still so warm out. We set out to find our hostel and went off to walk along the Promenade des Anglais The palm trees and gorgeous water made Nice look so exotic and beautiful. Lucky for us the next day was warm and sunny. We ate a French breakfast (coffee, croissants, orange juice, and bread) and headed off to explore. We sat on the beach for a while just talking and enjoying the view. Sitting on the rocky beach and smelling the salt water left me longing to be in Scituate. Strange how being in the south of France made me miss Scituate more than I have in months. Then we climbed up a mountain to see all of Nice. Beautiful.

Later that day we had a mini crisis when we realized Jenny booked the wrong flight home. We were supposed to fly out of Nice at 640 am to get back in time for Jenny to go to her history class on Monday afternoon. Instead she was on a 515pm flight home. WOOF. We were planning to sleep in the airport Sunday night because we would have to be there so early Monday morning that it wasn’t worth paying for a hostel for another night or paying 40 euro for a cab to the airport. After realizing it would be over 100 dollars for Jenny to change her flight she decided to stay the extra day. So we spent all day Sunday on the beach (well I spent part of it sitting in a beautiful park writing in my journal because I was so sunburned that I couldn’t stand to sit in the sun any longer).  We went back to our hostel to shower and hang out for a while before grabbing dinner and heading to the airport for the night. At first, I thought this was the worst idea Jenny had ever had, but it turned out not to be too bad. We watched the Time Travelers wife on Jenny’s computer and then pushed 2 benches together and fell asleep until around 430 am. We checked in and went through security and I left on my 640 flight leaving poor Jenny in the airport all aloneL. I flew on the smallest plane EVER to Munich where I switched to an even SMALLER plane that brought me back to Prague. Thought I was going to die. I hate small planes.

I have less than a month left in Prague and still so much to do!  Final papers and tests are sneaking up on me and now that it’s finally warm outside I want nothing to do with them. This weekend will be my last really weekend in Prague. I’m going to Berlin the next weekend with 8 other people for Becca’s 21st birthday. Then I’m going on a daytrip to Dresden, Germany with AIFS and my last week here Annie is coming to visit! Before I know it May 22nd will be here and I will be flying Prague to London, London to DC. On one hand I am longing to be home in my own house with my family and back in Worcester surrounded by my best friends for Orientation, but on the other hand, leaving here seems impossible. Not only am I leaving a city that I have fallen in love with but I am leaving some of my best friends. Trips to the west coast for fall break have already been planned as while as an east coast reunion in the spring.

Best part of today : Its Ben and Jerry’s free cone day in Prague!! Getting out of Globalization early and running to Wenceslas Square to with Jenny to get a cone was a perfect end to a good day in Prague.

Sorry this ended up being way longer than I thought it would be!



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